Answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I be sure your writing company is trustworthy and reliable?

To find out if our company is trustworthy and reliable, why not read the testimonials of the countless students who we help each year? You will know whether or not they are happy with our writing services. In overall terms, our company is seen as a reliable, trustworthy, and honest provider of high-quality writing assistance. Essentially, we provide the best-quality written work at affordable prices. We employ a helpful customer support team and our expert writers are the finest in our industry. These are the qualities that earn our company respect in the writing industry.

What factors distinguish your company’s writing services from other providers?

Our company differs from other companies in that we deliver on our promises and we operate on the basis of honesty. The papers we provide are always perfectly-written and delivered punctually. We confidently guarantee that every paper is of the highest possible quality and deserves the best possible grade.

Can I get in touch with you if I have any concerns or questions and, if so, how?

Essays-Shark.net differs from other writing services in that we have a very responsive customer services team. These experts are available 24x7x365 and can be contacted by phone, email or via the live chat facility on our website.

Which of your writers will complete my order?

At the time of hiring writers, we check that each applicant is experienced in writing academic papers in one relevant field at least. When a customer submits an order and provides a payment, we check our computer system to identify a suitably-qualified specialist. The order is then forwarded to that writer to begin writing.

Will I be able to communicate directly with my assigned writer?

We believe that constant and direct communication between our writers and customers is an essential ingredient for creating the best quality essays. Therefore, if you have any questions about the order, feel free to contact the writer directly. In addition, you can let our customer support representatives know if you want to send the messages to your writer in case the latter is unavailable.

What types of information will you expect me to provide?

All assignments are different. Usually, the information a customer provides at the time of ordering is sufficient. If, however, a writer thinks they have not enough details to write a good-quality essay, they may contact you for additional information.

What happens if the paper I receive is plagiarized?

Firstly, it is important to say that you will not receive a paperhref="https://gpalabs.com/order.html"s plagiarism from our company since we do not tolerate this practice. Every paper is tested for plagiarism by using detection systems capable of identifying even the tiniest trace of unauthentic material. At customers’ request, we can provide them with a software-generated report as proof of authenticity. Moreover, we give customers a guarantee that they will not find any plagiarism in the papers they purchase from Essays-Shark.net. However, if you believe there is some plagiarism in your paper, you should send us your own report from a reliable detection system. Our agents investigate each case on merit. Essays-Shark.net’s policy is incompatible with plagiarism!

Will your company resell my paper after I receive it?

Anyone who purchases a paper from our company becomes the sole owner of that text and only they will have rights to it. We do not resell the papers we write for customers. Every paper is freshly written from scratch exclusively for the customer who orders it. Each order is uploaded to the customer’s personal account, so they can access and download them as needed. We can delete papers if a customer asks us to.

What is your policy on confidentiality?

Under no circumstances will our company share or sell information about customers to the third or external parties. Customer privacy is closely protected and we do not share any personal or financial data with other parties no matter who they may be. Every transaction between Essays-Shark.net and its customers is kept strictly private and confidential.

What grades should I expect by using the writing service provided by Essays-Shark.net?

Realistically, because we employ some of the best and most professional writers and editors in our industry, customers can expect top grades for any papers they order from our company. Essays-Shark.net regularly receives positive messages from satisfied customers who happily claim to have received the highest grades – As and A+s.

A paper I purchased from a different writing service had a lot of mistakes. Is that likely to happen with your company?

Essays-Shark.net hires only native English speaking writers. Moreover, each writer has graduated from a respected university with a relevant degree and has at least five years’ experience in writing at a professional level. Once a paper is completed, it is thoroughly checked by one of our experienced editors for grammar and spelling accuracy. These experts also make sure that all citations are correctly formatted and that every aspect is perfect before it is sent to the person who ordered it. Therefore, it can safely be said that none of the work completed by our writers will be full of mistakes.

How easy or difficult is it to place an order at Essays-Shark.net?

Our newly-implemented and easy-to-use website has made it extremely easy to order papers from us. You simply register for a personal account (free), complete a short order form, and submit your payment by using PayPal or one of the main credit cards. That is all there is to it!


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