Dozens of websites claim to deliver comprehensive, affordable, and superior quality paper writing services. Also, these companies emphasize the importance of delivering custom-written works. Unfortunately, less than 5 percent of such websites fulfill their quality promise. The prevailing majority are scams, which may cause irreversible damage to your academic and business reputation. Essays-Shark.net is one of those rare examples, when affordability and premium quality come together to create unique competitive synergy. You will hardly find any other company that is at least comparable in its commitment to quality and professionalism with that of Essays-Shark.net. Now look below to see what makes us stay apart from other writing companies.

Other Companies
We hire only the most competent and experienced writers to deliver outstanding affordable writing services to customers. Our competitors usually charge less than $9 per page, which means that they hire non-competent writers from third-world countries to do your academic job.
We work 24/7. Our company representatives are always online to provide the highest quality work to customers worldwide. In most cases, you will find it difficult to contact other companies directly. You may find their contact details to be inaccurate. It is also possible that they will be offline when you need them most.
All our financial operations are managed by Authorize.net, a reliable and reputable provider that guarantees the security of your financial data. You cannot really trust all those services with their insecure financial systems. You cannot be sure that your financial details are kept secret.
With us, you always receive an original paper that was written from scratch. Our papers do not contain any errors or flaws. You will always have problems with our competitors, since the papers they produce contain dozens of errors
We publish only original testimonials that were left by our dedicated customers. This way, you know what our customers think about us. Our competitors often ask their employees to write testimonials. You cannot trust a company which lies even before you pay.
We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction. We seek to develop mutually productive relations with customers. You will have to send most of your papers for a revision, because they will never meet your requirements.
Essays-Shark.net is fully secured from the risks of unauthorized intrusions. Our software systems have been authorized by McAfee. Do not trust the security logos on our competitors’ websites. They cannot guarantee the integrity of your personal data.

What would you expect of a company that promises to deliver superior writing at an affordable price? Of course, you would expect to receive a high-quality paper according to the deadline. Essays-Shark.net fulfills its quality promise and always finishes all papers on time. We do not charge unreasonable prices, because we know that many students face serious budget constraints. Nevertheless, we never compromise our quality ideals. We are here to serve the academic needs of every customer.

We always ask students to be thorough and cautious with companies that offer their writing services at extraordinarily low prices. Do not think that a competent writer will work for free. The phrase ‘too good to be true’ should become your test strategy – if the picture created by the company is too positive and unbelievable, do not trust it. Otherwise, you may end up submitting a plagiarized paper that will result in academic penalties up to expulsion.

Remember that if the prices charged by the company are surprisingly low, you are most likely to be disappointed with the result. It is good if you receive some inferior paper after the deadline. Many students like you do not receive anything at all! These money scams create an atmosphere of confusion in the paper writing industry. Essays-Shark.net wants to dispel these myths and give you a competitive edge in your studies. We are here to help you improve your results, and we know how to do it!


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