100 Things You Must Do This Summer

100 Things You Must Do This Summer
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Talking about summer, most people reminisce about those halcyon days one calls childhood. Indeed, there was nothing better than to indulge oneself with an ice cream on a hot sunny day, feel the warm breeze at the riverbank, or simply enjoy a company of a close friend. Those days are gone, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Despite being short of money, you still can have a wonderful time this summer. Just follow these tips!
• Have fun at a music festival.
• Pick flowers.
• Hunt for fireflies.
• Go hiking around the town.
• Enjoy fresh strawberries.
• Watch stars shower.
• Sell homemade lemonade.
• Make bubbles.

• Make homemade popsicles.
• Give your car a good turn-out.
• Make herbal tea.
• Go hiking out of town.
• Go on a bike tour.
• Go boating.
• Do sports.
• Pay your relatives a visit.
• Decorate jewelry.
• Invite your friends for a BBQ.
• Go rambling for the whole day.

• Take part in public celebration.
• Try playing minigolf.
• Improvise with pool noodles.
• Relax at a community pool.
• Go camping.
• Fly a kite at the beach.
• Take a book from the library.
• Go for a walk and listen to music.
• Try juggling.
• Grow some plants or vegetables on your own.
• Have a picnic.

• Recycle leftovers.
• Go fishing.
• Visit an exhibition.
• Try rope jumping.
• Try wildlife photography.
• Visit a zoo.
• Read a though-provoking book.
• Watch a movie outdoors.
• Play football.
• Throw pebbles at a lake.
• Visit a vineyard.
• Organize a yard sale.
• Walk barefoot.
• Go swimming.
• Watch a baseball game.
• Lie in a hammock.
• Plan your holidays.
• Do voluntary work.
• Take up a new hobby.
• Do gardening.
• Redecorate room.
• Visit a pet shop.
• Play with water balloons.
• Walk a dog.
• Clip the hedge.
• Plant a tree.
• Become a farmer.
• Make a collection.
• Have fun with a sprinkler.
• Sleep outside.
• Feed birds.
• Paint your clothes.
• Help your neighbor.
• Try watermelon.
• Play with kids.
• Play disc-golf.
• Make DIY presents.
• Become a camp supervisor.
• Try water skiing.
• Visit brewery.
• Watch a movie.
• Draw landscapes.
• Set a makeshift slip and slide.
• Watch clouds.
• Make natural scrub.
• Play Capture the flag.
• Catch butterflies.
• Wear summer DIYs.
• Go shopping.
• Make a backyard camp.
• Make a sandcastle.
• Make summer playlist.
• Go for a scavenger hunt.
• Observe fireworks.
• Meet people.
• Play flashlight tag.
• Spend a day alone.
• Ride a roller coaster.
• Pick seashells.
• Use flowers as bookmarks.
• Make your own insect repellants.
• Make homemade ice cream.
• Paint nails with bright colors.
• Behold the sunset.
• Dance in the rain.
• Decorate furniture.
• Learn to drive.
• Shop at farmers market.
• Throw a tea party.
• Clean out garage.
• Make a wish.

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