5 Tips On How To Succeed During Your Summer Internship

5 Tips On How To Succeed During Your Summer Internship
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Any student who wants to find employment straight out of college knows that there’s nothing that looks better on a resume than a summer internship. If you make a good enough impression, perhaps they will hire you when the time comes. Here are several hacks on how to do a stellar job and get noticed by your superiors.

Make Sure Your List of Tasks Is always on You

The fact that interns are terribly overworked is not a myth. It is quite possible that you will receive multiple assignments from a number of people. The only way to manage such a workload is to create a comprehensive to-do list and follow it religiously. This way you won’t have to dread missed deadlines or embarrassing mishaps. Just make sure you don’t lose or forget your planner somewhere. If you are using an app, remember to create cloud back-ups in case your device crashes.

Take Pictures in Lieu of Taking Notes

Unless you are a qualified stenographer, taking notes can rob you of valuable time, and even then you might miss something important. Try taking pictures with your phone instead. There are apps like Office Lens that will convert everything written down on the picture into easily readable text.

Don’t Overbook Yourself with Networking Appointments

Summer internships are the time to make valuable contacts in your industry. It is much better to network in an informal atmosphere, and this is why coffee meetings are so popular. You can chat about work, create a personal connection, and enjoy a delicious frap all at once. However, some overzealous people manage to overbook themselves and promise to be in two or three places at once. Keep track of your promises and you’ll be fine.

Make Truly Engaging Presentations

Photos with smiling people looking at a slide with graphs are a staple of stock images describing office life. However, in reality, presentations are rarely engaging or even well-made. Here is your chance to stand out. There are many templates, articles, and even short training courses online that can help you make a gorgeous presentation and wow your bosses. Additionally, make sure that the presentation is easy to find and open. There’s nothing less professional than the presenter fumbling with flash drives and settings for five minutes before starting.

Don’t Overspend

Budgeting is one of the most important skills that an adult should have. There are both paid and unpaid internships out there, but whatever kind you land, remember that you need to measure your finances carefully. You’ll need money for new professional clothes, transportation, rent, basic amenities, food, and so much more. Undue expenses can wreak havoc on your organized life and add unnecessary stress. If you have trouble keeping track of expenses in general, apps like Monefy are there to help you out.