50 awesome things to do this summer

50 awesome things to do this summer
May 11, 2016
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With kids full of beans, you always need to have some ideas how to entertain them. Luckily, summer offers a vast range of opportunities to keep them preoccupied and have fun at the same time. Having a to-do-list may come in handy when planning a summer vacation. Last year, I made such list and my kids just loved it! Not to follow the trodden path, I decided to think of 50 another ideas to be included in the list. Check out my 50 awesome things to do from the previous year, add ones listed below, and you’ll have 100 awesome ideas to have fun! Cool, isn’t it? Make sure to print it out to make this summer unforgettable!

Here Are Our Ideas How to Enjoy This Summer

  1. Pack your stuff and go rambling
  2. Organize “The Biggest Bubble” contest
  3. Invite neighbor kids for a sleepover party
  4. Turn your house into candy shop
  5. Have lunch at the park
  6. Make your own slip-n-slide
  7. Play an outdoor game
  8. Make homemade lemonade
  9. Cook something delicious
  10. Take a hike
  11. Ride a bike in the countryside
  12. Go to the amusement park
  13. Go birdwatching
  14. Build a blanket fort
  15. Play water balloon games
  16. Learn how to fish at lake
  17. Play frisbee with a dog
  18. Go sunbathing
  19. Read your favorite book once again
  20. Watch meteor shower
  21. Dye clothes in fancy colors
  22. Spend the day watching clouds
  23. Make homemade lollipops
  24. Organize family bowling competition
  25. Play paint ball
  26. Make sprinkler water fights
  27. Invite a quest to come round
  28. Go camping to the forest
  29. Go to a cinema
  30. Go to farm to pick up berries
  31. Let children make dinner by themselves
  32. Decorate your house
  33. Make playdoh art exhibition
  34. Turn your kitchen into lab and experiment with food
  35. Organize family 3-legged race
  36. Shoot your own movie
  37. Make homemade fruit jam
  38. Build a castle on the beach
  39. Play Twister with paints
  40. Make a movie marathon
  41. Organize grill party
  42. Have a family night out
  43. Go to a concert for free
  44. Make a picnic on the beach and invite friends
  45. Make diet granola cookies
  46. Make foam fight when washing a car
  47. Make pop tarts
  48. Play lottery
  49. Fly a kite on the beach
  50. Shoot fireworks
You can download and print out these 50 AWESOME THINGS TO DO for free. Do not miss the chance to turn your summertime into memorable experience!

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