Analysis of Anne of Green Gables

Analysis of Anne of Green Gables
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We assigned for one of our writers to write analysis of the world-famous novel that is called Anne of Green Gables. Actually, the writer was supposed to answer a certain question. After having read the completed analysis, we decided to publish it since it might be really helpful for those who want to develop their skills in the field of literary writing. The format of the essay is according to APA citation style. I hope, this composition will help you significantly with your writing. Sure, you are not allowed to copy and paste all of the material, but you can use its content in other useful ways. For example, if it is possible, you could pick out the same topic and simply describe these ideas in your own words. You can also take advantage of an opportunity to find the needed statements in the list of references. Even if you cannot write an essay on your own, our writers will help you to do that as soon as you order it.

Did You Expect that Anne of Green Gables Will End as It Did?

Anne is the main heroine of this novel. She is a solitary and unlucky but at the same time very pleasant, emotional girl with a kind nature. In fact, she is an orphan. If we read the book till the end, we’ll realize that she became a well-mannered and courteous teacher with perfect education. It’s my firm conviction, that only detailed analysis of the character of Anne will undoubtedly help us to answer the question.

On the one hand, at the beginning of the novel, Anne appears as the one who lacks in social communication and doesn’t have an appropriate family and life experience. As a result, it is almost impossible to imagine her as a well-bred, elegant and polite lady. It is evident that Anne ought to go through lots of mishaps. However, she overcomes all of them step by step owing to her good nature, kind-heartedness and keen intelligence.

What is more, her perseverance and a strong desire to achieve a lot, which is proven by the fact that she quarreled with Gilbert Blythe, don’t make the novel quite predictable. Being a clever student, the main heroine became a scholarship holder at a college. Therefore, it is not that hard to imagine that she is a popular writer or actress, who lives in a huge city and enjoys her active and interesting life as soon as she graduates.

On the other hand, during the whole novel, we see that the author describes Anne as a generous, friendly and lovely girl. Frankly speaking, because of these features of her character, the readers don’t become surprised that she made up her mind not to leave Avonlea with Marilla who was ill. Thus, the ending might be rather predictable due to this.

The controversial and ambitious character of Anne makes the reader guess how it might end and which events will follow.