Best Dorm Room Sports

Best Dorm Room Sports
December 13, 2016
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If you think that only sports like basketball or football can have huge tournaments, you are mistaken! Think about foosball, ping-pong, darts, and many other games. They also reach thousands and even millions of people, have multiple tournaments in the US and all over the world, and provide prizes that are certainly sufficient to redeem your loan debt. Consider participating in the following games…

Great Examples of Championships on Dorm Room Sports

  • Beer Pong. World Series of Beer Pong X is the championship for this game that takes place in January in Las Vegas. Its tour prize purse is $65,000. The rules are simple. The participants have to fill their cups and cast ping-pong balls into the cups of their opponents to make them drink. The loser is the first team, which is out of cups. Do not worry; you will not actually have to drink beer as at the tournament the cups are filled with water.
  • Frisbee Golf. The championship for this one takes place in August in Portland, OR, and offers a tour prize purse of $2.5 million. The rules are similar to those of golf, but you have a Frisbee instead of a ball and a metal basket instead of a hole. It can become rather challenging as some baskets stretch over 1,500 feet!
  • Ping Pong. The January championship takes place in London, England. The winner will get $20,000. Consider it to be a table tennis where you use a ping-pong ball. Score 11 points to win!
  • Darts. The National Dart Association’s Team Dart championship occurs in May in Las Vegas. The overall tour prize purse is $500,000. Throw darts into the bull’s eye, just like when you play with your friend in your room. You can play in singles, or in a team.
  • Billiards. Take part in the US Open 9-Ball Championship in October, in Chesapeake, VA, to win the tour prize purse of $24,000. The rules are simple: get the balls into the pockets. Remember how you did it when playing in a bar next to your campus? Repeat it here!
  • Poker. The World Series of Poker Main Event takes place in November in Las Vegas. It offers $10 million as a tour prize purse. Know how to deal with your cards and do not forget to bluff when necessary.
  • Foosball. Do you want to win $60,000 for playing your favorite foosball? Take part in the International Foosball Promotions World Championships in August and September in Grapevine, TX. You know the rules – just spin the players attached to medal rods to score the ball on your opponent’s side of the field. However, keep in mind: at the tournament, it is not only about spinning. It is also about strategy.
Bet you have much practice in at least one of these kinds of sports. Why not to demonstrate your skills to millions of people and take a chance to win some money? Go ahead!

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