Best Summer Jobs for Students

Best Summer Jobs for Students
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The first summer job is a sign that you are on your way to adulthood, besides, it is a chance to start earning money to pay for entertainments, activities, interests and even to save something for education. It is important to find a job that will based upon your current skills and will help to advance your career goals.


If you are one of those bookish teenagers who like working as a teacher, you might enjoy tutoring. Children who go to summer schools often require some assistance, and this is a good chance for you to earn some money if you are talented in certain subjects. Besides, if you are proficient with computer, you can also share your knowledge for money. You can earn about $15 per hour or even more as a tutor.


This is a perfect option for you if you are already on the course toward a certain career. This will help you gain real industry experience, which will also look great on a resume. You will find out that a lot of such kinds of positions are not paid, but the experience, which you will be able to gain, is priceless.


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Food Service

This type of summer job is great for you if you are sociable and enjoy interacting with the public. It will allow you to work as a part of a team and will give you a chance to get high earnings. You can earn about $10 per hour working in a food service. Besides, a lot of cafes and restaurants allow their staff to earn tips. You should realize that food service jobs include not only wait staff. You can also find a job as a host or hostess, a busboy or busgirl, or a cook. Regardless of the position, the team has to function in the right way to keep the business moving, so you have a great chance to learn valuable life skills in such kind of job.


Such seasonal job is the best choice for you if you like spending time outdoors and are not afraid to get a bit dirty. Since a lot of people lack time to care for their lawns, this type of job is usually in high demand during summer. You can earn cash while also getting some physical activity by landscaping.

Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counselor during summer months is a good option for you if you are interested in leadership and are an inborn educator. It will allow you to spend time outdoors, mentor younger children and assist them in developing new skills. A great thing about being a camp counselor, aside from being paid to spend many hours outdoors, is that you have a chance to develop loads of transferable skills, which can be useful throughout life, including communication, leadership and conflict resolution skills. In addition, such job will require you to live away from home so you will be forced to become more independent.

To find a good job, you should start planning everything beforehand. Consider all available opportunities and what you would like to get out of the position.

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