Books not to Read

Books not to Read
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Each of us heard about such modern romance novels as 50 Shades of Grey or the Crossfire series. Recently, I have analyzed them, and the results upset me. I found a traditional plot where a vulnerable and weak woman is in love with a strong man. Thus, I decided to show you why reading romance novels has a bad influence on your real life. It will be interested even for those who have not any reading habits.

Unreal Life

Reading romance novels lead to the substitution of your real life with the life of your character. Thus, you will lose the feeling of the actual processes, which are among females and males today. A typical plot is when a woman waits for a strong man or a male falls in love with a girl immediately at first sight. It may prevent you from making the right decision in real life.

Women Can Do Nothing

Females always have many various problems, which they cannot resolve by themselves. For instance, Christian saves Anastasia from ravishment, and Gideon kills Eva’s rapist. There are many other examples in the novels. All of them are the evidence of the inability of women to solve their problems independently. This model creates a wrong perception of social and psychological roles, where a man should be the prototype of the hero and be able to solve all the problems, and a woman becomes a disabled and unconfident person who cannot help herself. Sometimes, she can only solve problems of others. Thus, a man always looks for the moment where he can protect a woman and a woman always waits for someone’s help. Thus, we can see a clear sign of discrimination and an improper explanation of male and female positions in real life, which may cause many problems.

The Physical Quality

Romance authors pay too much attention to the physical qualities of men and women in their works. Women cannot think when they see a powerful person, and vice versa. Thus, such physical propaganda leads to the wrong understanding of love relationship because of the incorrect explanation of the structure and features of love. So, would you like to live your character’s life and not solve your real problems?

In conclusion, we have to realize that a habit to read romance novels can lower self-esteem in women and cause hyperactivity in men.

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