Composing an Observation Essay

Composing an Observation Essay
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Observation essay mainly focuses on a real-life experience that once occurred to you. For the paper to be brilliant, you must reflect not only the event happening to you but also the emotions and feelings so that the reader was completely absorbed in the story. This article will provide you with a helpful guideline to compose both an outline for the writing and the entire essay.

How to Make Your Observation Essay Stand Out from the Crowd


A perfect example of real-life experience for the observation essay may be your first flight on a plane. In an argumentative essay, you might have provided statistics about the safety and comfort of this means of transportation. In a narrative essay, you might have created an air crash that would put you on a deserted island where you would spend 17 years alone. Meanwhile, the observation essay requires your own experience, without any well-known facts and imaginary scenarios. The same concerns any other example. A journey to a local castle – visit it to share your impressions. The newest book that took the bookshelves by the storm – read it to provide your thoughts on the work.

While having a certain experience that you are going to describe in a paper, you are recommended to take some notes of your first reaction as it is considered to be genuine. This will be your very first draft of the observation essay. Write down what you feel, for example, entering a restaurant, talking to an administrator or a waiter, visiting a bathroom, perceiving the atmosphere. As soon as something influences your thoughts, put the updated mind next to the first one to monitor how your reaction becomes different. After that, you are ready to complete the entire, final essay.


Once you have your notes ready, simply look through the chronological order of the events. Actually, you already have the ready plan for the essay but still need to organize it properly for your professor. If you have some issues dealing with the outline, you are always welcome to use online writing services to ask for the professional help.


Start your paper with a brief description of what the public is about to read. Keep in mind the thesis statement – a key sentence of the entire essay that should contain the essence of your writing. Remember that an experienced writer makes a hook to motivate reader to continue reading.

Main Body

Now it is about time to express everything that you have prepared. Your task is to use sophisticated language to prove your writing skills. At the same time, do not load the text with too many difficult words. Describe your experience as clear as possible for the reader to stay fascinated during the entire essay.

Conclusion and Proofreading

Simply restate the main point of your essay to underline its importance in the conclusion. There is no need to mention new information to confuse the reader. After that, make sure you have checked the grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic levels of your paper to be sure you get the highest grade.