How Do Students Deal with 500-Word Essays?

How Do Students Deal with 500-Word Essays?
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Definition of a 500-Word Essay

This a regular essay for any level (high school, college or university) that is as long as 500 words. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

This is a common type of academic writing that is often used for humanities and language classes, in which you are asked to express your opinion on some question or provide any sort of proof for the existing point of view.

How much space does a 500-word essay take? If we are talking about the most common formatting requirements, then this will be approximately a page and a half (Times New Roman, 12pt).


Every essay should have a structure and this one is no exception. There is the most successful and widespread scheme that works perfectly for 99% of essays. It is sometimes called 1-3-1 essay, which stands for 1 paragraph introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and 1 paragraph conclusion.

  • Introduction. Every good introduction to a 500-word essay should have a thesis statement and some kind of the background or explanation why this particular topic is described.
  • Body paragraph 1. Set the ground, explain the meaning of the basic terms, provide common ideas and beliefs, in other words – describe the subject.
  • Body paragraph 2. Add some personal feelings, explain how you feel about the things you are describing, provide the reasons for the way you feel.
  • Body paragraph 3. Present facts and ideas to convince the reader. If you can, use any type of data, which you can get your hand on: statistics, research, opinion polls, etc. The better your reasoning is, the easier it is to justify any idea.
  • Conclusion. The last piece of all essays, which is supposed to briefly cover everything aforementioned points, sum up the general idea and restate your thesis statement in such a way that it will benefit an essay in general.

Editing Your 500-Word Essay

Many students find it extremely daunting to edit their own writing. The secret is to let it sit for a while until you are ready to have a fresh look at it. If this doesn’t work for you, choose professional editing services to help you out.

Style and Formatting

Read your instructions carefully to learn what your professor expects from you. If you are given a referencing style to work with, just look for a guide. If there are no comments on the way the paper should look, go for regular ones: one-inch margins, basic and eligible font that will be easy to read.