How to Create an Advice Essay

How to Create an Advice Essay
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The advice essay is a paper in which the author offers guidance, recommendations or consultations on a particular issue. This kind of text is very useful because can help people solve many problems. For example, you can create an essay on how to write a research paper, edit different texts, etc.

Find a Proper Idea

Your essay should be interesting and relevant. Do not write about things that are generally known. You can find a lot of advice on any topic On the Internet. Do not copy them. Create your own unique essay. Describe the area in which you are a professional.

Create an Outline

Before you start working on any paper, you must create an outline. It will help you structure the essay properly and not forget about the most important details. In order to write the plan correctly, you need to determine the main idea of your paper and write it down. Next, you need to divide this subject into several elements that can illustrate it from different angles. For convenience, you can create a diagram. Analyze this scheme and select only the most basic items, write them down in the form of a sequential list.


The introduction is a very important element of any essay. Here you should interest the readers. You need to express a theme and idea at the beginning of your advice essay. Do not write about details in this paragraph. It must be the presentation of problematic issues.

The Body of the Text

Here you can describe your actions. The advice essay requires detailing. If you write about a process, it is important not to miss a single stage. The use of tables, diagrams, and pictures that will help you to show the essence of any process is very appropriate in such a paper.


It is necessary to indicate only the most important information in the conclusions. Write clearly and briefly, avoid repeating secondary facts which you have mentioned in the body of the text. Avoid complex sentences.


In order to get the ideal paper, you need to edit it. Be sure you have enough time, as this is a rather lengthy process. It is not enough to read the text just once. Check your paper twice or thrice. When reading for the first time, do not pay attention to details, but review the style of writing and the structure of the sentences. During the subsequent reading, on the contrary, focus on grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Use the popular-science or journalistic style, avoid colloquial words and vernacular.

Editing Services

If you have little free time or you are not confident in your knowledge, you can use the services of a professional editor. Many companies work online today. The editor can advise and tell you which parts of the text should be changed. These services are paid. However, this fact can guarantee the high quality of work performance. As you can see, writing an advice essay is a very interesting and simple activity.