How to Deal with Tough Professors?

How to Deal with Tough Professors?

During college years, students experience various kinds of relationships with their peers and professors in particular. While you can act on equal terms with your group-mates, there is a system of seniority in reference to the teaching staff. How to behave? How to avoid negative confrontations with your professors?

Types of Professors Hard to Deal with

As we are all human beings, it is impossible to have perfect relationships with every single person we meet. We are prone to constant changes of our mood, subjective or, what is even worse, prejudiced attitude built on stereotypes or simply dislike we have towards some people. We are all vicious, and professors are not an exception.

The Bad Explainer

It may occur that your professor is an incredibly intelligent person, pleasant interlocutor, good advisor; though, he or she is bad at explaining the material and stating arguments.

What to Do?

It’s not the worst situation. There is always a plan B to work out the problem and comprehend the necessary material. First of all, try attending your professor’s office hours. If the attempts to find a common language are still obscure, there are always tutors, who can help you with understanding important notions, tangled schemes or complicated formulas. Another option is to cooperate with students, who have deeper knowledge on this topic and don’t mind sharing it with you. A collaborative approach while studying is the most popular among students.

The Unfair Grader

Nevertheless, it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes professors do lower grades for their student both with a reason or on purpose. Maybe, your marks depend on the personal attitude a professor has, subjectivity, which is characteristic of humans or different from your style approach. Anyway, if you think your work is underestimated, try to stand upon your point of view.

What to Do?

The main mistakes students make while finding out the reason of poor grades are filing a claim to their professors or arguing with them. That’s definitely what you shouldn’t do! To handle the misunderstanding in a well-mannered way, ask your professor to give or (if it is already given) explain his/her comment or ask politely to supervise you in order to meet his/her expectations and requirements.

The Rude Professor

If you feel that you are humiliated in front of other students, deprived from your student’s right to be assessed fairly or you are insulted in any other improper way – you have a deal with the Rude Professor.

What to Do?

Take a deep breath and stay calm. Do not come under the negative influence of your grouchy professor. Don’t try to handle the situation being rude in return. Let the school’s authorities manage the inappropriate behavior of a rude aggressor.

The most radical, though, working method of dealing with awkward customers is filling out evaluations that will definitely bring positive changes in your relationships with bad teaching staff.

Share your unpleasant experience with professors to work out the solution together!

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