How to Dress Well As a Guy

How to Dress Well As a Guy
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As men, we all want to be confident and good-looking. Dressing well and creating an impressive personal style, you can increase your chances to be employed by a successful company, to be highly respected among your friends, or to attract the lovely women you want to date. Following certain recommendations on how to dress, you can be that undisputed champion.

  • Discover your personal style
  • Following the trend highlights that you are familiar with the latest tendencies in fashion, but it hinders you from creating your unique style. You should dress according to the image you want to create. Besides, your personal style should not contradict the everyday activities you are involved into. Do not show off. Be yourself, be who you are and what you do, even if this version of you is not perfect. If you are not really into sports than do not wear trainers or a sports suit. When deciding what to put on for a job or college, choose the casual outfits, otherwise people might think that you want to show off. Respect the norms of the environment you are living in.

  • Take into consideration your personal traits while choosing the clothing
  •   Be yourself. As it was mentioned above, do not try to break your individuality. Your image has to reveal your true inner self but not the false one. Nobody but we know who we truly are. Just listen to your conscience and create your image according to what that voice tells you. Do not simply follow the crowd. You do not have to stick to the trends. If you are a quiet person, wear something casual. If you are a troublemaker, make a statement with your clothes. But do not overdo things. Keep the balance.

  •  Choose your statements in a careful way

  • Your clothes have to say that you are OK with yourself. Wear clothes that reflect your pastimes, interests, passions. Do not stick only to one brand even if you are extremely fond of it. You are not an ad billboard, right? But if there is some celebrity who you adore and get inspiration from, you can try to copy his/her outfit but do not forget to add your unique “statement pieces” to lay emphasis on your personality. Do not wear clothes that make you look arrogant or insolent, because it may offend the society. If there are any statements on your favorite vest, they should be positive and not bossy over the top.

After all, there are no strict principles or the universal rules how to dress well. There is no ideal image of a perfect man. The truth is that you have to be yourself. Do not work on your image and status. Work on yourself.

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