Love Speech Sample

Love Speech Sample
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Learning how to Write a Proper Love Speech

All humans have heard about love even though some say that they have never experienced it. But those who have experienced love, say that it is an unbelievable feeling which they cannot even define.
Love may make anyone blind. People may even believe that their beloved possess some characteristics they actually don’t. However, love allows us to see the best in people.

If you have read at least one love story, then you are aware that love can make people do heroic things. This love feeling refreshes and gives powers. Love makes people more creative and it gives some of us the sense for living.

Every person expresses this feeling in an individual manner.

Creating a Unique Love Speech

People make their love speeches very sweet and romantic. But if you want it to sound professional, you need to include facts that have been discussed by philosophers and scientists as well.
Therefore, if you are planning to write a unique and professional love speech, then it is better to divide it into two parts. You will have an empirical and a lyrical part.

The Empirical Part

  • Is this a metaphysical feeling?
  • Does love develop intrinsically?
  • Can you teach yourself to feel love?
  • Is it a bodily function or a product of mental power?

The Lyrical Part

  • Does your love for others have an impact on your personal life?
  • Is love an essential element of human life?
  • Can a person live without love?
  • How much love does a person need in his life?


Only when you have completed these two parts, you may get to the third element of the love speech. In this part, you are recommended to contrast the ideas, which were introduced. You are supposed to combine their relations and present them in a coherent form.

Hopefully, you will find this guide interesting and will use it when preparing a love speech. Of course, it should not serve as the only right way for crafting a love speech, but it can be used as an inspiration for creating your own one. Sometimes people find it difficult to start writing a paper. But a small sample may change the case. We hope that this guide will help you make your own start in love speech writing much easier.