Sample Graduate School Admissions Essay

Sample Graduate School Admissions Essay
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Being born and brought up in Lebanon, I understand the importance of culture and history for any individual. When I was __ years old, my family and I moved to New Mexico and started a new life. This change of setting became extremely special to me. I realized how different this place was from the one where I was growing up in. I think that if one took a picture of Lebanon streets taken a hundred years ago to compare it with what is happening now, not much difference would be noticed.

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, everything seemed to be in constant flux. I even thought that there were no things older than 20 or 30 years there. In the block where we lived, families would move in and out. People would come and go. Everything was changing all the time. It was such a huge difference for me that I found it hard to adjust. However, even though it took awhile, soon I realized that my new home was great. I learnt to appreciate it, and I understood why people considered it important to continuously attempt to improve things.

The purpose of our emigration to the United States was my father’s opportunity to continue his education. With great pride, I wish to do the same thing today by seeking the possibility to get solid educational foundation and build my career on it.

While continuing my education, I intend to maintain and improve the results and successes of my undergraduate career. Namely, it is marked by a solid average point. I am very happy to devote all my time and attention to the subject I am really interested at, which is pharmacology. This subject has always been my favorite. At school, I had a strong inclination toward the sciences. I was able to get an experience as a pharmacy worker, due to which I have realized that I want to devote my life to a career in this sphere. From my experience, I have also learnt another thing about my personality. The trait I have discovered is the ability to relate to the patients and manifest sincere compassion to people. Patience and calm demeanor are my innate traits, and they help me talk to patients and customers and put them at ease even when they experience stress and fear. Besides, I have had a volunteering experience in Children’s Hospital in my local area. I hope to expand my volunteering to offer more help and capability to those who need it.

In the future, I aim to earn a doctorate in pharmacology and afterwards use this knowledge to build the career as a pharmacist. I also wish to participate in future research projects in this sphere to expand my knowledge. At ___ University, I anticipate building a firm educational foundation for my career, getting new skills, and remaining abreast with all innovations and improvements in the field of pharmacology.

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