Tips on Writing a Cover Letter

Tips on Writing a Cover Letter
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If you want to get your dream job, we highly recommend you to read this short article on how to make your cover letter memorable and unique.

Usually, most of us do not have any problems with writing our CV because it is quite easy to choose our previous experience that suits perfectly to the particular vacancy.

Instead, many job seekers face a lot of problems with a cover letter. They make the same mistakes again and again and even do not guess about it! The most common issue is that applicants do not know how to impress their interviewers. Many of them cannot pick up the necessary information. Job seekers use common phrases, cover letter structures, language clichés, etc. Thus, their cover letters look ordinary. Therefore, our experts of professional recruiters, interviewers, and employers share some tips you should follow to make your cover letter eye-catching, readable, and attractive.


To avoid further mistakes, you should understand properly what the cover letter is. A cover letter or a motivational letter is only the additional paper to your CV. However, it often plays the vital role.

Avoid Oversizing

Some people believe that if they write more, they will have more chances to get a desirable position. It is a wrong strategy. Usually, a cover letter should be not more than three pages. As our experts state, managers and HRs do not have a lot of time to read long texts. Usually, they have only 3-5 minutes to read, estimate, and accept or decline your candidature. That is why we highly recommend you to follow further tips.

Cover Letter Customization

To catch someone’s attention, you should show how much you are interested in this vacancy. The easiest way is to demonstrate that you are well familiar with a company and its activities or products. Therefore, it is necessary to write one separate cover letter for one company position. Ensure that you have found enough information and have clarified all moments you are interested in for writing your cover letter. “Some companies highly appreciate when job seekers use not just a company official name, but exactly the HR’s name who will read this CV and cover letter, however, it depends a lot on the company and its traditions,” - says Amanda, the Head of the HR department. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to the details since each phrase or name could become fateful.

Structure Tricks

Usually, each cover letter consists of two paragraphs. Both of them are essential.
The first paragraph aims to encourage the interviewer to read your cover letter entirely. It is useful to use some sharp sentences, questions, or even jokes. The chosen strategy will depend on the company, position, and job seeker.

The second section strives to present not all your hard and soft skills but to explain why you are the most suitable candidature for this position. Find out as much as it is possible about the candidature requirements. Try to be concise! Your previous successfully done projects and statistics are the best proof for a serious company.

Of course, do not forget about editing and proofreading. Check your cover letter for grammar mistakes, structure logicality, and readability.