Tips to Grab Their Attention with Your Essay

Tips to Grab Their Attention with Your Essay
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The most difficult part of writing an essay is not to come up with the ideas, analyze the rubrics or even make the summaries. The most challenging part is to begin your essay. The greatest problem is to find motivation for writing, and everybody looks for it differently. Maybe, your lifelong experience lets you just think of the past memories to reminisce about the unforgettable moments of your existence to help you start writing your admission essay. Even if you do not have any memorable flashbacks to write about, you can be assured, that the ones you think are not worth anybody’s attention will be able to create a brilliant essay.

Writing about Your Own Experience

Start Small

Of course, everybody wants to share one’s best memories, for example, about winning an important football match. However, usually, these boastful essays end up really quickly, without any real plot development. Your task is to grab the readers’ attention, to make them devour your piece of writing at one go. Talk about emotions, feelings, the smallest trifles that could have influenced your victory. There is no need to focus on your own personality to show how skillful you are. It is all about the small moments that make you a real person.

Stick to I-Essays

Make the reader be the main character of the story. By using first person narration, not only will you be able to make everybody be in your shoes, but also experience the emotions, you felt at that moment. All the people must have wanted to try someone else’s shoes and play a game “what if I…” Let them join your personal world and you will see how close your writings become for the readers.

Sense It

The personal feelings should not be limited only by emotions. It is advisable to add senses to your essay. Let people know not only how the particular situation made you feel, but also how it sounded, looked like, and even tasted. Readers adore being guided by the senses. If the situation, for example, demands you to talk about fear, write about the odors or even colors that surrounded you at that moment. Do not be afraid to use senses.

Make It Astonishing

Good and interesting are the words that chase the young authors everywhere. Do not be seduced by the crowd and try to refuse from the trivial adjectives. Make your essay shine with profound and marvelous vocabulary. Try to fill the essay with fantastic and glorious descriptions. However, keep an eye on the number of such words. Readers do not really like too sophisticated writings, with plenty of unknown phrases.

Be Sentimental

Make sure you put your heart into the essay. Being honest is extremely important, because it is quite obvious when you write only for the mark. Let the reader understand you and perceive your inner state. That is what will make your writing a real essay.