Top 5 Tips on Writing a Good Movie Review

Top 5 Tips on Writing a Good Movie Review
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Writing a movie review is not only an assignment that often college or high school students get but also something that journalists and bloggers do for newspapers, magazines, and online resources. In contrast to what some people think, writing a movie review is not an easy task because it requires the ability to look at things objectively, good writing skills and in many cases some special knowledge. Students fail to complete the movie review assignment well because they don’t know the essentials. This article covers the top 5 basic things that you need to consider when writing a movie review.

  • Watch the Movie With Great Attention. First things first, you should watch the movie and do it very attentively because otherwise, you couldn’t write a thoughtful review. Even if you don’t like something about the movie (actors, scenario etc.), you need to accept that this is the task that you have received and it should be completed. In order to write a good movie review, one should take notes while watching it, because attention to detail is essential and rereading those notes might help you to recollect things that you might not have noticed. Another great thing about taking notes is that half or at least quarter of them will end up being a part of your review.

  • Don’t Write the Review Right After Watching the Movie. Take your time to think about it and give yourself at least 3-4 hours before you start writing. Take one hour not to think about the movie at all, another hour for rereading your notes and reflecting on them and another hour to writing the review itself.
  • Mind the Audience That You’re Targeting. Understand that your teacher with your classmates and readers of the popular internet digital media outlet are two very different audiences. Before you start writing your essay, think whom you will address because it will determine the style, the message and words that you will use in your review. For instance, if you’re writing for your teacher then he would evaluate your writing skills, clarity of message etc. and if you’re writing for the newspaper, then the readers will need to understand whether it’s worth to spend their time and money on seeing that movie.

  • Talk About Essential Facts. The more sides of the movie you will be able to describe the better. However, no matter how deep you want to go with your review, it is necessary to mention the essential facts about the move. What’s the quality of actors play? What’s the main idea and was the movie able to convey it? What about the script, special effects, work of the cameramen? When you cover the essentials, you can go on to expressing your own ideas and opinions.
  • Be Objective. When talking about your opinions, try to be as objective as possible even if you didn’t like the movie. Describe everything the way it is so that your readers can form an opinion that’s based not on your emotional reactions, but rather on hard facts.

When the movie review is ready, don’t forget to proofread it a couple of times!

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