What Is Fashion?

What Is Fashion?
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Fashion is an indispensable part of the modern world. What we wear tells much about ourselves and the way we feel. Although some people scorn the fashion, they cannot deny the impact of the fashion on their perception of reality.

Who Establishes the Fashion?

Television and the online space rule the globe. It is no wonder that the fashion ideas are so widely propagated since they are tightly connected to the TV and the Internet. Also, movies and music have a huge influence on what we wear. Now, it is popular to be dressed like Tony Stark or Eminem. Back in the 1970s, every teenager used to dress like Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. Superstars have always dictated us what to wear. However, political figures do not trail far behind. Don’t you think that the outfit of Donald Trump will be discussed in the fashion journals? Of course, it will! Every mature man wants to be admirable and respected, and the right outfit can give you that recognition.

Why Is Fashion so Important?

Clothing Defines People

Clothes play a vital role when it comes to making the first impression. Since people perceive others stereotypically, if you wear clothes that are typical of a particular social class, you will be welcomed accordingly. For instance, wearing a Versace suit, you would be greeted like a VIP. Clothes create stereotypes about you. So be aware of what you look like in the eyes of others.

Fashion Is Business

Clothes have always captured the imagination of people even if they are not that into fashion. So businessmen learned to make money on others’ passion. Moreover, now there are more people involved in selling, purchasing, and manufacturing clothes than ever before. Every single working day, millions of workers around the globe are designing, sewing, ironing, polishing, and preparing a piece of clothing to be sold. Brand clothing companies are investing big money in advertising of their goods, and we see those ads on the billboards, public transport, almost everywhere. Clothes, clothes, and once again clothes!

Fashion Is a Means of Self-Expression

Fashion is a language that tells a story about the individual. It is a nonverbal means of communication that we all comprehend. It reveals your inner soul and declares who you are: your attitudes, opinions, preferences, desires, and current mood. A competent psychologist may paint a portrait of you, because your dressing tastes serve as a code of your mental ID. Besides, clothes do not only express your mood, but they also have an impact on it. So if you feel depressed, do not wear dowdy outfits. Put on something that can contribute to your sense of well-being. Or when you cannot fight your laziness, get dressed in something that can discipline you.

All in all, fashion is something we cannot live without. The need to express oneself and be noticed is deeply rooted inside each of us.

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