What Power Does Bullying Have?

What Power Does Bullying Have?
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Bullying will always be among the list of problems in the society. This is one of the most painful issues for children. Kids at school, in parks and other places suffer from oppression and violence. Usually, such an awful thing takes place at schools, where stronger students intimidate younger and weaker pupils with the use of force.

The Сonsequences of Bullying

Tyrannizing has a strong impact on children. Psychologists report youngsters to have emotional pain, mental illnesses, disturbance, feelings of severe dejection, gloom and dispiritedness after passing through such difficulties. One of the leading authorities in the field, Dr. Anita Gurian, professor at NYU Child Study Center, states evident reasons that prove child’s inner problems. For example, radical lowering of school grades, the growth of alert and dismay, and disappearance of social interaction with contemporaries. The results of the study conducted by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry indicate that almost half of small ones face coercion. What is more, a tenth of them are tormented regularly.

Data Which Can Prove Bullying Scenes

Reports are a very useful tool to draw public attention to browbeating; striplings are given support and persuaded to write papers on bullying. Probably, a disclosure of information regarding such a harrowing experience will lead to lowering and disappearance of violent incidents. The more people know and act against intimidation, the bigger possibility of success is. This type of social advertising may be inspirational for those, who eager to help. Stories told by real victims, who were treated rudely and despotically, dismay, but at the same time call us for action.

Your Example May be Meaningful to Others

There are many people who fear to share their own stories. Someone’s courage to tell all the truth on the charged matter inspires other wounded people to stop outrage in their families and never again undergo assault. It brings hope that this critical issue will be wrestled down in the nearest future. Everyone, who is interested in the topic and wants to join the army against violence, can easily access the website with documents and other information.

Tips on Writing a Good Essay

First of all, the piece of writing should be concentrated on ways how each person can be helpful to stop bullying. If a person is a witness of bullying, it is significant to take actions to help a victim. Never pass by somebody who needs aid. Being aware of possible variants to prevent or discontinue cruelty can save somebody’s life. Additionally, present some examples to illustrate some suggested options to rescue from a scrape. The persuasive essay that reflects the feeling of the individual suffered from bullying can cause compassion and mercy.

We never know what is going to happen tomorrow, as life is unpredictable. Obviously, people telling about violence never predicted that would occur in their reality. That is why do not be cold-hearted and insensible. Some people do not have any help, but they need it, so give them a chance to have a happy and fulfilling living.