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As years are passing by, students become more selective and thorough in their academic decisions. The 21st century generation of students is not the same as the student communities twenty and thirty years ago. On the one hand, most academic institutions have become particularly demanding in their academic standards. As a result, students experience enormous pressures due to the growing burden of assignments on their shoulders. On the other hand, such students are more likely to come online and search for free essays, because they promise fast academic relief. Thousands of students around the world have experience in using free papers to solve their academic problems. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of free term papers, research papers, and other academic works speaks of serious ethical tension in the education system. A student who cannot find a reputable essay shark company to get affordable writing assistance from but uses free essays provided by a scam online company may face any problems, from an F grade to total expulsion. The thing about free online papers is that many of them are recycled and plagiarized. Many others provide irrelevant content. Some free papers fail to meet the basic citation and referencing requirements. As a result, even a single free essay you choose to download can forever ruin your career and reputation. Therefore, think twice before you decide to use a free essay as the basis for your custom research papers. Do not hesitate to ask for help, when you want your paper to be written from scratch.

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