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Assimilation: The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club is a film based on a novel by Amy Tan that portrays the theme of assimilation. The film takes place in different time frames including childhood days in China, youthful adult times of mothers during daughters’ immigration to the United States, and adult times of daughters who interact with aging mothers. […]


Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution

The fight for gay rights has lasted for decades. It is an ongoing battle of gay people for observance of human rights, the elimination of discrimination and xenophobia, sexual freedom, tolerance, and recognition. Additionally, LGBT community proposes certain principles of social organization and social and moral values. Today, the fight for equality remains a topical […]


12 Years a Slave

In the history of the United States of America questions about freedom, liberty and dignity remained unanswered and unsolved for a long time. People, due to the color of their skin, existed in limited frames, suffering from different forms of abuse and endless cruel treatment. The society dictated its own stable laws, including very strict, […]


Bullying on Amanda Todd’s Example

Every day more and more teenagers become the victims of bullying. Usually the target group is school children, who can be emotionally humiliated or overwhelmed by their peers. Consequently, it represents the power disparity (American Humane Association, 2011). In order to better understand the types, consequences, differences and similarities between today’s and prior cases of […]


Reflection Paper

Introduction The two topics that will be addressed in this essay are lust of the flesh and love. They are discussed extensively in the course and form a significant ground for discussion in line with theology, the Bible, and practical application. Lust of the flesh refers to people’s association with worldly pleasures at the expense […]


Strategic Marketing

Introduction The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is perhaps the leading in-class competition across the world. By 2008, it had about 8,000 students. In the following year, 10,000 students participated in GOMC from 57 countries. In 2013, the number of students who participated in GOMC was roughly 15,000. The GOMC provides undergraduate as well as […]

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