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Writing Assignment 2: Buddhism and Jainism

India has always been rich in different philosophical schools of thought. As a matter of fact, its religious teachings tried to justify or disprove the Hindu division into castes. Still, Buddhism and Jainism have acquired the greatest number of followers among all religious traditions. It means that they have something very attractive in their doctrines. […]


The Affirmative Action

Crawford (2004) presents an excellent analysis of the dilemma faced by the current state of the affirmative action by investigating five different options of the non-discrimination rule. There are interesting insights in the paper followed by appropriate analysis. The main arguments are also presented with a clear stand that if every person receives the right […]


Book Comparison: “I am Legend” and “Y: the Last Man Vol.1”

The book I am Legend by Richard Matheson explores the psychosomatic agony experienced by the protagonist Robert Neville. The epidemic affects all the populace except Neville. This epidemic is said to have been caused by war and spread by windstorms in the towns and an outburst in the mosquito populace. The story illustrates Neville’s day-to-day […]


The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Introduction The story in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is generally the same in the book and the movie, where a journalist suffers a stroke that leaves him with the ‘locked in’ syndrome and he is mostly physically paralyzed, but mentally healthy. In the movie, a hero is completely unable to move except for […]


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