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1. a) It is possible to disagree with the first statement. If a person drinks all the coffee he or she wants in the morning, it does not mean that he or she will not want more coffee in the afternoon or the next day. His or her desire for coffee becomes insatiable with time. […]


Asian Tigers

Introduction The current paper deals with the analysis of the economic development of the Asian Tigers. The closest attention will be paid to the economy of Hong Kong. These countries were able to achieve significant rates of economic development due to successfully implemented free-market reforms. At the present moment, their development is not so rapid […]


The Acer

Evaluation In order for Acer to start manufacturing in China, the management would have to look at various Special Economic Zones, considering factors such as GDP, labor and distance from Hong Kong. Based on these criteria, the city of Shenzhen becomes the most preferable to invest in. Acer was familiar with the Chinese market and […]


Operations of the FOMC

Nations are seeking economic development experiences and face difficulties in evaluating their economic status due to lack of a comprehensive evaluation method. As a result, most nations use multiple indicators to analyze their economic status in order to obtain a more definitive picture of their economy. The current paper outlines different economic indicators in economic […]


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