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Should There Be the Controversial Assisted-Suicide Bill

In the contemporary world, thousands of people are dying of incurable diseases in hospices and health care centers, experiencing great pain, miserable sufferings, and depression. Terminally ill patients have no right to make up their mind whether to die in pain and grief or to enjoy their last days being with the family. Most of […]


Administrative Behavior

Dr. Charles Ray Jones is a controversial expert on Lyme disease. He is famous for the method of treating people. Dr. Jones faced with accusing him of treating people without examining them and prescribing medicine for patients whom he has never seen. He had few supporters while others did not understand him because there were […]



Aging can be defined as the physical, psychological and physiological changes that occur in the individuals’ lives after the stage of maturity. From the biological perspective, aging is a continuous process that begins since childhood. It usually entails the gradual alterations on the cellular and molecular levels as well as in the structure of the […]


Advancing Health Literacy among the Elderly Group

Health literacy is a concept that has become increasingly important in the healthcare field in respect to promoting health care services in the contemporary society. Health literacy refers to the ability of individuals gather, process, understands and used health information in making consummate health decisions (Matwijiw 2012). According to Bowers, Howard and Bywood, 2011, health […]



Introduction Diabetes is a very serious health problem in the USA. The problem has attracted much attention, because the number of people with this diagnosis has increased. Also, the age of people with the disease raises concerns: a lot of children in the USA have predisposition to it. The problem has caught many people and […]

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