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Insurance Fraud: What Are the Costs?

Table of Contents Introduction Classification of Insurance Fraud Soft Fraud Hard Fraud Overall Fraud Statistics The Costs for Insurers According to the Types of Insurance Fraud Auto Insurance Fraud Workers Compensation Fraud Health Insurance and Medical Fraud Private Healthcare Fraud Federal Healthcare Fraud State Healthcare Fraud Catastrophe-Related Property Fraud Crop Fraud Antifraud Legislation State Federal […]


Rebates for Buyers of Energy-Efficient Motor Vehicle

Table of Contents Introduction The Reasons for Implementing the Rebates Funded by Fees Levied on Gas-Guzzlers for Buyers of Energy-Efficient Motor Vehicles The Levy Mechanism and Calculation Conclusion Related Free Law Essays Introduction The era of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and vehicles that run on alternative energy sources is just starting to develop. By 2020, […]


The Doctrine of the Margin of Appreciation and Its Implications for the Protection of Human Rights

Table of Contents Overview of the Doctrine Functions of the Doctrine of the Margin of Appreciation Origin of the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine Interpretative Principles of the Margin of Protection Doctrine The Principle of Effective Protection The Principle of Legality The Principle of Democracy The Principle of Autonomous Interpretation The Principle of Proportionality The Principle […]


Health Policy: Child Abuse

Table of Contents Executive Summary Problem Background or Literature Review Policy Options Recommendation Reducing the Risk Factors in a Given Community with Child Abuse Public Education on Child Abuse Increase the Number of Line Officers Awareness towards Identifying Suspicions Injury Macroeconomic Factors Poverty Unemployment Political Process Public Petition Legislative Amendment Legislative Vote Evaluation Related Free […]


Violation of Public Policy Case: Corruption

Table of Contents Violations of Mr. Sheldon Silver and Mr. Dean Skelos Introduction of Accused Violation of Laws by Mr. Sheldon Silver Violation of Laws by Mr. Skelos The Similarities of the Cases Honor and Ethics in Public Policy Value Systems and Laws Related to Public Policy Rules and Regulations Related to Public Policy Laws […]


Plan of Action for Criminal Justice Leaders

Introduction Criminal justice refers to a system that is set up for the purpose of running specific practices and various institutions that belong to the governments. The efforts of the system are directed towards maintaining command over social relations. In addition, it assists in stopping and justifying crimes committed. Furthermore, the system punishes people who […]


Gun Ownership Should be Tightly Controlled

In the contemporary society, gun crime is a significant issue. Each single day, innocent people, both adults and children, are being shot to death with the gun. Gun crime can be divided into intentional and accidental crime depending on whether it was committed on purpose or by accident. Even though the gun was created to […]


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