Category: Literary Analysis

Analysis of Wise’s Argument in Drawing the Line

Some animals, such as primates, meet the legal personhood criteria and should thus be accorded protections and rights. This should be done in order to protect their bodily liberty and bodily integrity from serious infringements. The legal status and ethical consideration of animals is gaining immense depth. This realization has culminated to burgeoning animal rights […]


The Raven’s Gift Overview

The Raven’s Gift is a thrilling Alaskan story. It is authored by Don Reardon who hails from Alaska. The tone and setting used in the book depict a rich adventurous history of the author. He was raised in the Southwestern part of Alaska where he dwelled among the Yup’ik Eskimo and adopted their culture. Today, […]


Composition (A&P Short Story by Sammy)

A&P, comic short story written by John Updike, narrates of a teenage boy fallen in love with several girls of the same age who visited the store where he worked. The author uses colorful imagery and descriptive words in developing the story setting to portray the image of the American conformist consumer culture. The story […]


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