Category: Management

Leadership Style

To start with, it has to be stated that during the recent years the world has witnessed the development of Dubai as a state. Today, it attracts millions of tourists, while its citizens enjoy the democratic ruling and technological advances. The leadership style of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid played an essential role in transforming Dubai […]


Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses

Business intelligence (BI) is an expertise-motivated technique that assesses facts and avails actionable data to support business managers, corporate administrators and other end-users in decision-making (Loshin, 2012). Business intelligence incorporates data warehousing, data mining, database managing schemes, etc. At the same time, data warehouse setting encompasses mining, transmission, transfiguration, solution stuffing, and online analytical processing […]


Human Resource Management Questions

Managing Ethics In the American Medical Association (AMA), managers take the responsibility for controlling ethical conduct. Particularly, they make sure employees know and understand the ethical code of the organization. They also ensure that workers are free to ask questions to gain a clear understanding of ethical principles  and meet the expected behavioral conduct of […]


Mismanaged Layoffs

The duties of a manager in any company include not only the organization of the workflow and the control of its effectiveness, but also resolving of a number of the problems, which may arise during the working process. One of such problems can be the need to fire an employee for any reason. It is […]


Shigeo Shingo

Shigeo Shingo was an outstanding person who has made huge contributions in quality management, especially, through his writings, theories, and teachings. He was born in Japan in 1906, in the city of Saga.  He graduated in 1930 from the Yamanashi Technical College. After graduating he worked with Taipei Railway in Japan. In 1943, he was […]


Consumer Behavior

Introduction Brands are constantly competing for consumers and they are targeting for dominance in the market. For a brand to attain a position in the competitive market, it needs to come up with innovative ways to attract the attention of the consumers. Tools for promoting brands are being constructed constantly so as to make the […]


The Impact of Workplace Bullying

Bullying is abusive behavior that causes an individual to feel offended or intimidated. Workplace bullying occurs when a worker is subjected to a relentless form of mistreatment from others in the workplace that results in damage. The article by Wiedmer titled “Workplace Bullying: Costly and Preventable” deals with workplace bullying and how it affects the […]


Organisational Leadership

Abstract Organizational leadership skills have been highly critical in the contemporary society. Many companies aim to instill the best leadership system, so that they can reap the best performance possible. Effective leadership system should be properly aligned with the corporate strategy so as to serve as a powerful lever to accomplish the short and long […]


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