Category: Management

Total Quality Management

Table of Contents Company Overview Product Quality Costs of Quality Total Quality Management Quality Tools Conclusion Related Free Management Essays Providing high quality products is the essential factor contributing to success for any business in any industry. The concept of quality denotes the level of the products or services that a company produces and whether […]


The Tyco Scandal

Table of Contents Introduction Masterminds of the Scandal The Fraudulent Activities Relocation Programs Bonus Misappropriation ADT Automotive Bonus Misappropriation Key Employee Loan (KEL) Program Unauthorized Credits to KEL Accounts Executive Compensation Perquisites Evidence Tampering Bargain Sale Overvaluation of Property Non-Legitimate Business Expense Charitable Contribution Walsh Payment Breach of Nominee Agreement Personal Expense Reimbursement Discovery of […]


Business Process Management

Table of Contents Introduction Literature Review Essence of Business Process Management Trends in Business Process Management Challenges in Business Process Management Recommendations Conclusion Related Free Management Essays Introduction Business process management is a part of operational management that is aimed at improving corporate performance by optimizing and managing company’s business processes. It can therefore be […]


American International Group

A retention bonus plan can be defined as a simple concept aimed at improving employee loyalty through monetary incentives (Jost, 2011). In the case of American International Group(AIG), the company was not only trying to cut down on employee turnover but also aimed at motivating the employees to work harder and boost organizational performance. The […]


Effective Delegation Practices

One of the most important skills that every successful leader has to develop is delegation. The effective delegation practice can free the leader, so he or she can be focused on the highly important projects. Moreover, it is a great tool to help other employees to develop the new skill and to improve their abilities […]



Table of Contents Introduction Avoiding Unintended Consequences Establishing Employees’ Psychological Contracts Attracting High-Quality Candidates and Diverse Groups The Importance of Website Attributes Security Control Conclusion Related Free Management Essays Introduction A human resources specialist is one of the most important professions in modern companies. These people are responsible for all aspects of staffing including skills, […]


Leadership Style

To start with, it has to be stated that during the recent years the world has witnessed the development of Dubai as a state. Today, it attracts millions of tourists, while its citizens enjoy the democratic ruling and technological advances. The leadership style of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid played an essential role in transforming Dubai […]


Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses

Business intelligence (BI) is an expertise-motivated technique that assesses facts and avails actionable data to support business managers, corporate administrators and other end-users in decision-making (Loshin, 2012). Business intelligence incorporates data warehousing, data mining, database managing schemes, etc. At the same time, data warehouse setting encompasses mining, transmission, transfiguration, solution stuffing, and online analytical processing […]


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