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Music and its Role in My Life

Among all types of media such as press, cinema, photography, television and others, music has always been the most powerful tool of influence and communication delivery. Not only has it made the world more informative, but also has greatly contributed to people’s unity and individuality. It is the music that guides me when I am […]


Rough Draft

Introduction It was a regular day after vacation. Morning shower, coffee, local news, and TV Shop from the kitchen’s TV set looked like the ordinary beginning of the day. Nothing was supposed to happen and make Karen’s day so complicated. However, the car broke down. The quintessence of technologies of the 90s got out of […]


Marijuana Legalization – Repurposing Assignment

What is the issue you are planning to argue about? And, why is your argument about this issue timely? I would like to argue against marijuana legalization. Marijuana is a drug that comes from a plant. It is a very dangerous drug that causes addiction and mental disorders to the users and abusers. In addition, […]


Childhood Message and Core Values

Throughout my life, one of the most important messages that I have been holding onto up to date is a message that my mother used to say when I was a young child. She always said that an individual should not waste his or her youth, and always do the best he or she can. […]


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