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The Loss of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the diversity of various types of life and species inhabiting the planet. It is present in all spheres of life. Biodiversity involves all organisms, including complex animals, plants, and microscopic bacteria. The increment in the human population has significantly disturbed the balance between species, causing the extinction of some of them. Biomass extraction […]


Drug Trafficking and Transnational Crimes

Introduction Drug trafficking is linked to local, regional, and global insecurity. Terrorist organizations are connected to significant drug-producing countries such as Afghanistan and countries via which key drug transit routes occur. The narcotics trade possesses the capability to avail terrorist groups with additional bonus: sympathizers and recruits among neglected, impoverished, and isolated local farmers who […]


Crime Displacement and Diffusion

Crime displacement can be defined as the process by which crime relocates from one region to another due to increased crime prevention efforts by the law enforcement agencies. It also refers to relocation or movement of criminals from one place to another as a result of crime prevention efforts by the law enforcement agencies. According […]


Warehouse Health and Safety Risks

Human security is the main condition of modern working process, arrangement, and improvement of the workplace. Safety greatly influences the productivity of labor and welfare of workers as well as employers. All provisions and work standards are fixed in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant legislations. A warehouse is a […]


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