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Non-Violent Resistance

One of the memories that come to mind when Martin Luther King Jr. is mentioned is his constant refusal to cooperate with an evil system. Historically, King is known as an advocate of civil disobedience through nonviolent resistance. One of the ideas that he strongly embraced as a young man is that of obtaining growth […]


Prostitution during Middle Adulthood

Development of personality in adulthood is one of the most complex yet insufficiently studied issue. As regards the psychological development, studies demonstrate a significantly positive change in the personality of adults with age advancing to higher levels of expertise, as well as better stages of moral development and motivational impulses of a greater order, even […]


Reflective Essay: Club Australia

The Quality of the Piece The piece presented by Club Australia has utilized various components of public communication to appeal not only to the parliamentary committee but also to the entire public on the need to maintain the clubs culture in the country. The article has positively used Aristotle’s appeals to convince the audience to […]


Morality, Virtues, and Social Ethics

Morality is a complex of intentions, actions and decisions that are responsible for what is good and what is bad. Morality assists in answering the question on what is right and what is wrong when people think about their doings, analyzing what actions are kind and what are unkind. Every person has his/her own moral […]


Reaction Paper on “Terrorism & Homeland Security”

Reaction on Chapters 5 and 6 from the Book “Terrorism & Homeland Security” By Jonathan White 6th Edition The chapter focuses on the force multipliers, genders roles, and tactics in terrorism. Jonathan White uses the chapter to showcase the role of women in terrorism. He continues to expand on the nuclear weapons and terrorism with […]


American Culture and American Identity

Introduction The United States of America consists of diverse cultures influenced by Western, Asian, Native American, African and Latin American tradition. The following paper analyzes American culture and identity. Initially, Paleo-Indians visited America and started to practice their cultural ceremonies and rituals, such as music, gestures, dialect, cuisines and social habits. Soon, European and Asian […]



Nowadays, the terrorism in its scope, consequences, intensity, and destructive force turned into one of the worst problems of the humankind. Being extremely dangerous socio-political and criminal phenomenon it became the global security threat. The fight against terrorism is a serious problem that requires a deep and comprehensive study. In order to build an effective […]


Response Paper

Dehumanization In my view, Matthew Hutson rightly observes that models in beauty pageants, actors and actresses, and models used for advertising have been dehumanized (Hutson, 2013). We judge them by the first impressions; everything else comes later. In doing so, we make them objects of our recognition and perception. More focus is given to their […]

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