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Memo writing is perceived as an independent subgenre of business communication. It requires vast experience, professional writing and analytical thinking skills, deep knowledge of the selected subject and plenty of expertise. Memo writing is a short, clear, and logically structured means of communication that is aimed at expressing ones ideas and thoughts, reactions and viewpoints. Such papers can be aimed at calling individuals to take actions or informing about certain news or events. When you want to write a memo, remember that is should be as short as possible. Due to the main required of being a brief document, this type of paper has a particular structure that should be followed. Otherwise, your memo can be ruined and people will not be interested in reading it. It means that you will waste your time, efforts and resources. That is why you should avoid making your memorandum too long. Take into account the fact that people are not fond of reading too long papers and in case your memo is long, most probably no one will be interested in reading it to the end.

Why Memos Are Important

  • They are aimed at persuading an action;
  • They are aimed at providing a business report;
  • They are aimed at informing about a particular task or directive.

No matter what the purpose of your memo, it can be divided into a few segments in order to present some facts or information and achieve the readers’ intention. There is no doubt that successful business communication is aimed at improving the productivity and overall workflow, strengthen relationship in the company and increase employees’ performance. So, if you are willing of writing an informative memo, you can help the company to meet the above mentioned goals because memo is the best way to communicate within the business company.


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Tips on the Memo Writing Format

  • Prior to writing your memo, choose the type of your paper. Is it supposed to be persuasive or informative? Informative memo type outlines particular facts and provides information, after that it requests some to take some actions. Persuasive memo type tries to attract attention prior to indicating a certain task or directive.
  • The content of any memo should be informative, short and clear.
  • Its maximum length can be 450 words.
  • You should indicate the following: date, subject, recipients and topic. Then you need to provide the main body of your memorandum.
  • In the “Subject” line, it is important to be as clear and precise as possible. Readers should understand the main points that will be described in the main body.
  • You can use headings and even subheadings. It helps readers to notice the most important aspects.
  • Make sure that you provide clear and logical information in the main body of your memo. It should be coherent and detailed. State the details, purpose and action plan clearly.
  • In single paragraphs present both the purpose and action statements.
  • State main reason of your memo in the purpose statement.
  • In the action statement, it is important to inform the readers about what is required or requested of them.
  • Devote the main body to the important background, contextualizing, or descriptive information. You can use bullet points to make the reader perceive the content easier.
  • You can also use a supplement line in your memo (point in capital letters who wrote it and in lower case letters who formatted the memo).
  • When there is a need make an enclose line or attachment that indicates the papers number.


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